My Year in Travel

It’s been over a year since I was laid off from my job as managing editor at American Express Publishing. It’s been a trying time both personally and professionally, filled with highs and many lows, laughter and heartache, self-discovery and uncertainty. Ultimately, I learned a lot about who I am and that a job does not need to define me. I learned that I am more creative than I ever knew and that it’s important for me to make room for creativity in my life. I learned that I am strong and determined and that I am not interested in just another “job” but rather, something that fulfills me. I feel blessed that I was able to take this time to figure it all out, and I am now on a path that feels right. In the meantime I’ve been reflecting on all I’ve accomplished during this journey and a lot of it involved, well, journeys. Some were road trips, short and sweet, and a few involved an airport, and always, my trusted camera…

Assateague Island, Maryland

Horses Beach Braids Fireworks

Portland and the Oregon Coast

Oregon shoreToes in the sandOregon beachFried chicken and egg on a biscuitPortland bar
Roses at International Rose Test Garden, Portland Ladies hat and waterfall, Portland Japanese Garden Winding path, Portland Japanese Garden

Colombia, South America

Colombian childrenColombian women and bicyclesColombian street sceneColombian man with fedora and shawlSopa con maizCalfClothes line


Dirt road and stormy skyHearthColombian mountainsStreet, La Candelaria, Bogota, ColombiaPlaza with fountain, Bogota, ColombiaDogs playingVegetable stand, Bogota, ColombiaStreet art, Bogota, ColombiaClassic car, Bogota, Colombia
Cafe con lecheCachaco shoe shine, Bogota, ColombiaMen with caps, street art, Bogota, ColombiaAvianca, El Dorado International AirportHotel, Santa Marta, ColombiaBeach, Santa Marta, ColombiaPlaza, Santa Marta, ColombiaTile floorColonial street, Santa Marta, ColombiaPuppyBeach, Santa Marta, ColombiaSwirling seaClassic car, gas stationArepa con avena ColombianaMarket seller, Girardot, ColombiaMoraMarket sellers, Girardot, ColombiaOld man with cane, Girardot ColombiaClouds and mountains, ColombiaArtisanal sheep

Upstate New York

Autumn road Deer

Lewes, Delaware

Baby with flower cap

Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania

Silver Thread Falls sign winter Silver Thread Falls frozen Snowy forest, Silver Thread Falls Silver Thread Falls winter Twig in snow

Niagara Falls, New York

Danger sign, Niagara Falls Niagara Falls, winter Niagara Falls, frozen

Toronto, Canada

The Distillery, Toronto, CanadaYou seem familiar, New Yorker Cartoon CN Tower, Toronto, CanadaHey Meatball restaurantEaton Centre, Toronto, CanadaFreezing, Toronto beach in winter

The Palisades, New Jersey

Hawk flying over Hudson river Signs of spring, flower buds Felled log Women's Federation Monument Tunnel, Palisades, New Jersey

Rhinebeck and Saugerties, New York

Country Living Fair, Rhinebeck, NY Leslie's Hot Cakes truck Mason jar light Mother and babyKayaker, Saugerties, NYBuds Saugerties lighthouse patioRipped jeans and Converse

Palm Springs and Los Angeles, California

Palm tree, Palm Springs, CaliforniaDesert windmills Hat and planters, Palm SpringsJesus on the road, Los Angeles, CaliforniaFerris wheel, Santa Monica Pier, CaliforniaChevellePool, Los Angeles, CaliforniaPalm trees at dusk, Los Angeles, California Fingerling potatoes, Farmer's MarketPacific Palisades coast, California Malibu beachBeach sunset, Venice, California

Spring! At the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Spring Jackets


Okay, I know it’s been spring but this is my first post and I thought it fitting to celebrate this time of renewal.

Weeping willow

Weeping willow. Or some shit.

You see, I lost my job recently and although it sucked, I suppose it could have been worse—it could have all gone down during the dead of winter, which seemed to just drag on and on this year. That would have doubly sucked.

Purple flowers

Pretty purpley things.

But no, it’s spring! Flowers and sunshine and unemployment checks—oh my!


Tulips galore. Hmm…oddly, that makes a good stage name.

Everything is shiny and new. The air is clean, the sky is blue, and I am diving into this new venture like it’s my job…my new job. Unpaid, but full of promise and fulfillment.

Mother with baby on shoulders

Not me, or my child.

I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden three times this season, but really all I wanted to see were the cherry blossoms in bloom. They have rows and rows of them, but off season they just look like sad little naked trees with gnarled branches.

Little girl with dress

I like taking pictures of children. Is that creepy?

The first two times I was too early. The third time I went on a Monday—’cause I can! Plus, the BBG has a map on their website that shows when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and they were at their peak!

Japanese pond

…and Japanese ponds.

But I think I was more excited at the realization that I could actually do things now like go to a botanical garden on a Monday, or whenever I damn well please, and beat the crowds—eff you crowds!—that I had forgotten that, like most Mondays, museums are closed.

Children playing with bubbles

Okay, in my defense, this place is like romper room. There’s like 12 kids to every flower.


Goldfish in pond

Very busy goldfish.

Two days later we had heavy rain and someone told me it had caused all the cherry blossom leaves to fall off. I checked the website and it said: “The cherry trees have finished blooming. Check back in March 2014 for updates.”


I love a fountain.

Me, when I found out the BBG was closed.

Me, when I found out the BBG was closed.

I felt like that girl in that awful friggin’ Ray Bradbury story who [spoiler alert] gets locked in the closet on the one day the sun comes out after seven years of rain.

Little boy with flannel jacket

Mini hipster.

Anyway, I love spring and unemployment isn’t half bad…yet. Anyone need some pictures taken of their little kids?

Brooklyn Botanical Garden, 1000 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11225, 718-623-7200. Open Tue-Fri 8 am – 6 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am – 6 pm.

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