Are You Breaking Up With Me?

I’m going through a breakup. Not the kind where you have a fight and he says, “Listen, I can’t do this anymore. It’s over.” And then you scream and yell, have makeup sex, text wars for days, then let’s-take-a-break’s, then more makeup sex. And then maybe after all that you do really break up or maybe you don’t. But no matter the outcome it’s fiery and dramatic and full of “Eff you”s (“No, eff you!”) And what you are is an active participant—an equal player who refuses to go down without a fight—all the while sporting an “Are-you-serious?” attitude. “You wanna give up all this?” (Sweeps hand up and down body). Continue reading

Google’s Tribute to Claude Debussy

Google's Tribute to Claude Debussy

Today’s Google Doodle set to Claire de Lune to commemorate Claude Debussy’s 151st Birthday. Hauntingly beautiful.


Colombian flag.My sister Helen posted a beautiful story about Colombia, South America—the country my mother is from, and a very special place to us. I’m sharing it here:

I’m flying back from a week in Colombia. I was there doing press for my new show that I’m hosting, That’s Fresh Colombia. I’m in a bit of disbelief of all the wonderful and indescribable things that have happened this week. I’ve been nervous, overwhelmed, grateful, full of pride, and love. This week has mostly reaffirmed my belief in magic and divinity. CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE…


Being Awesome in Drag

—An acquaintance who read the title of my blog too fast, then admitted: “I’m a gay man.”

Carmen Miranda, Chica Chica Boom Chic

Carmen Miranda: not a drag queen, but certainly fabulous and the inspiration for countless future generations. Click image for clip from That Night in Rio.

Making Space

Funny enough, I’ve been working on this damn blog since I last posted, but I’ve had a series of delays that have prevented me from posting anything official. For one, I’ve reconnected with so many people that I haven’t been in touch with in ages—as well as some new ones—that my dance card has been pretty full these days. It’s been a great bonus that came out of creating this blog and one that I hadn’t really expected. The other reason is that it’s been like Y2K in my house. A few weeks ago when I started the blog, I noticed that my computer was running extremely slow and started crashing all the time. I was working with large size file images so I thought that may have been the reason. But one day as I was in the middle of a post, I got a pop-up saying my “disk is full.” To which I said: “Oh shit.” Continue reading

Your blob is broken.

-Text from a friend who was having trouble logging on to my blog. (Click below for priceless movie trailer for The Blob, “starring Steve McQueen and a cast of exciting young people.”)

The Blob (1958) trailer

How’s your blob coming along?

—My aunt, who I got a lot of my awesomeness from. She’s 87.

Aunt Gom

Aunt Gom, talking to the neighbors. She looks fab, no?

Being Awesome is a Burden


I met up with some German friends and they asked what I was doing with myself. I told them I was working on a blog called, “Being Awesome is a Drag.”

Germans: “How do you spell that?”

Me: “Oh, uh…A-W-E-S-O…..”

Germans: “No, dreg, how do you spell dreg?”

Me: “Oh! It’s drag, ‘Being Awesome is a Drag.’ D-R-A-G. Do you know it?”

They did not.

Me: “Oh, I see, well it’s like…like…pain. ‘Being Awesome is a Pain.’ “

Germans: ?

Me: “Like, difficult…no, not difficult. Hmm…like, like, hardship!”

Germans: “Ah, you mean like burden!”

Me: “Yes, yes, like burden! ‘Being Awesome is a Burden!”

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