Grace CavalloHello friends and strangers. I’m Grace Cavallo. I live in New York City. I photograph. I spend an exorbitant amount of time thinking about food and planning my next meal. I’m a cheap bitch when it comes to clothes and home goods—through no fault of my own—but I’ve got taste for days so it all works out (you’ll see…and maybe you’ll even be inspired). I am a writer, an editor, a 2-cent-giver. And even though I have a love/hate relationship with writing, I’ve always felt it is my life’s calling.

I was laid off from my job in publishing after 11 years, and after the initial shock, I realized how stunted I’d felt—creatively—for so long. Suddenly, I wanted to Dance! Cook! Read! Write! Take pictures! I suppose it’s a familiar story: girl has job, girl loses job, girl starts blog ’cause she has all this pent up creativity that she hasn’t been in touch with in years plus all this time on her hands and she just wants to share all this goodness with the world! That may be true and all but it’s new to me and it just feels right… even though I haven’t got it all figured out yet.

Until then, these are my adventures in New York City and beyond. I document the swirling stuff of life and love, along with some shameless self promotion (after all, isn’t that what a blog is?) I also hope to share with you some of the burden and other hardships of being me.

You think life is hard? Try being awesome.

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