Snow Day

I dusted off my snow boots today—the ones I put off buying for like ten years ‘cause I was like, what do I need snow boots for? The half o’ snowstorm we maybe get once a year? I’d rather just put on two pairs of socks and wear [ruin] my black leather boots every time  —Silly Me, PRE-Snow-Boots

So here’s me, today, out with my snow boots and failing iPhone 7, braving the wilds of Manhattan. It actually wasn’t that bad out, that is, if you enjoy getting continuously pelted in the eyeballs with ice needles.

But here’s a tip: warm, waterproof feet coverings with treads that can bulldoze over piles of snow will change your winter game 👍 even if it’s only once (or half o’ once) a year.

Also, life is short: Take the trip, buy the snow shoes, eat the spaghetti and meatballs with jarred sauce.

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  1. this is great! now post the video to ur instagram, make a reel!!!

    Helen Cavallo FOOD & BOUNTY 323.468.3190 kitchen 310.994.9850 cell #REALFOOD #REALFRESH


    • Thank you Deb, it was fun to be out in yesterday, and a fun project to work on—I learned a lot just by doing it! Funny, snowstorms are always a bit nostalgic for me too ❤️

  2. Very nice post, Grace! You need those boots again today! Your account of the cold and icy conditions reminds me of our trip to capture the frozen waterfall! Great memories. Be well, Monty


    • Thanks, Monty! The frozen waterfall trip was definitely one for the books. I very clearly recall that I wore rain boot with three pairs of socks, and still nearly froze to death, haha! Snow boots have been a game-changer, for sure. I miss our old photography crew and our epic excursions. Great memories, indeed ❤️

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