Being Awesome is a Burden


I met up with some German friends and they asked what I was doing with myself. I told them I was working on a blog called, “Being Awesome is a Drag.”

Germans: “How do you spell that?”

Me: “Oh, uh…A-W-E-S-O…..”

Germans: “No, dreg, how do you spell dreg?”

Me: “Oh! It’s drag, ‘Being Awesome is a Drag.’ D-R-A-G. Do you know it?”

They did not.

Me: “Oh, I see, well it’s like…like…pain. ‘Being Awesome is a Pain.’ “

Germans: ?

Me: “Like, difficult…no, not difficult. Hmm…like, like, hardship!”

Germans: “Ah, you mean like burden!”

Me: “Yes, yes, like burden! ‘Being Awesome is a Burden!”

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